TMECU Email Security Policy

TMECU considers our member’s privacy and security to always be top of mind. When receiving communications through email from TMECU please consider the following below to protect yourself from threats of fraud.

  • TMECU will never ask for personal information or account information such as user identity or passwords via email.
  • Always use our public site to find our published telephone numbers and report any suspicious emails.
  • What is included in your personal information?
    • Full name, address, email, phone number, SIN, drivers license, passport, health card number, account number and password and any other individual number given to you.
  • TMECU will never ask you to authorize the transfer of funds to a new account or to hand over cash.
  • TMECU will never ask you to carry out a test transaction online – criminals will email suggesting a technical problem and steal your information when you log-in.
  • TMECU will never send an email with a link to a website that asks you to enter your online banking details.
  • TMECU will include images, links to specific pages about TMECU products, services and news. TMECU will never send an email with a link to a website that asks you to enter your online banking details.
  • TMECU will never send emails containing attachments or require customers to send personal information to us via email or pop up window.
  • TMECU will never ask you for you banking information through email or text.
  • TMECU will never provide banking services through any mobile apps other than the credit union’s official app, TMECU Mobile banking.
  • TMECU will never call or email you to advise you to purchase diamonds, land or other commodities.
  • TMECU will never ask you to provide login information, security questions and answers or account numbers through unsolicited email.
  • Any unsolicited request for a TMECU account information you receive through emails or websites should be considered fraudulent and reported to TMECU immediately.
  • TMECU will never include a link to an online service in a regular email and ask you to sign in using that link.
  • At no time, should you include personal information in an unencrypted email. Remember to verify a message using information from a source other than from within the message itself, before you take any action.

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