Move Clean Loan

TMECU is proud to support energy efficient transportation in the City of Toronto by introducing the new MoveClean loan. This loan helps decrease the costs associated with owning an environmentally conscious vehicle by giving you preferred rates on loans for qualifying vehicles.   With this product, you get a good deal on financing because you are helping the environment.

Modes of transportation include:

  • Energy efficient cars
  • Electric vehicles 
  • Bicycles

Features and benefits of this product include:

  • Rates starting at TMECU prime + 0.49% for the most efficient vehicles
  • New cars up to 7 year term, otherwise up to 5 year term
  • Loans are not locked in (if you run into some extra cash, you can pay off the loan)
  • Helping make your city cleaner and greener

The fine print: As with all loans, you must be eligible to be approved for the credit you request. 
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