VISA® Credit Cards

Notice: Existing cardholder changes

As part of the ongoing conversion work, TME Cardholders will be converted to the Alterna portfolio. Beginning October 23rd, all existing TME Savings members will begin receiving their new Alterna credit card with a new card number. Members will have to activate the new card and register the number on the part of the conversion to Alterna Savings MyCardInfo site.

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We know credit cards aren't a one size fits all, that’s why we offer a full suite of personal and business cards, so you can choose the one that works best for you. 

No Annual Fee Cards

Cash Back

Earn cash rewards on everyday purchases
No annual fee, 19.9%

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Helping students build a strong financial future
No annual fee, 11.9%

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Low Rate Cards


Low rate and low fee, make this a great card for those that sometimes carry a balance.
$30 annual fee, 11.9%

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Maximum flexibility for your lifestyle. Flexible interest rates and reward points with every purchase.
$40 annual fee, 9.9%, 12.9%, 15.9%, 18.9%

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Centra Gold

Low rate, great rewards and additional card features. 
$50 annual fee, 9.9%

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Travel Cards

US Dollar

The perfect card for those that travel or shop in the Unites States.
$50 annual fee, 19.9%    

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Travel Gold

From baggage coverage to emergency health coverage, travel with peace of mind.
$99 annual fee, 19.9%

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More choices, more rewards!
$120 annual fee, 19.9%    

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Your Rewards... Your Way!

You live your life your way. You should use your rewards your way as well.  With our Flex Rewards program, you earn points just for using your card.  Plus, you can redeem those points for your choice of cash, gift cards, merchandise or travel rewards.

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