Promotional Variable Mortgage Rates (Rates effective 2018-11-28) Rates
3-Year Variable Closed 3.15%
5-Year Variable Closed 3.19%
Promotional Fixed Mortgages Rates (Rates effective 2018-11-28) Rates
3 Year Fixed Closed 3.59%
5 Year Fixed Closed 3.64%
10 Year Fixed Closed 4.49%
Home Equity Line of Credit (Rates effective 2018-11-28) Rates
HELOC first mortgage 3.55%
Fixed Rate Mortgages (Rates effective 2018-11-28) Rates
6 Month Closed 4.40%
1 year closed mortgage 3.69%
2 year closed mortgage 3.89%
3 year closed mortgage 4.59%
4 year closed mortgage 4.99%
5 year closed mortgage 5.34%
Variable Rate Mortgage (Rates effective 2018-11-28) Rates
Variable rate first-closed mortgage 3.95%
Variable rate first-open mortgage 6.70%

Interest rates are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed unless confirmed in-branch, or by phone, fax or email.  Interest rates are stated per annum. The Annual Percentage Rate is for a mortgage of $100,000 with monthly payments and a 25-year amortization. Any additional fee would increase the APR.  The interest rate on fixed rate mortgages are compounded semi-annually, not in advance.  The interest rate on variable rate mortgages and Meritline home equity lines of credit is compounded monthly.



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